Fences can be installed for security, privacy or aesthetics. No matter what the reason is for a fence installation, it is important to consider all material and labor costs that could be associated. The type of fencing materials, area to be fenced and fence height are all considerations when budgeting for this project.

Odessa Fence Installation

Overview of Fencing Costs

First off, installing a fence in Odessa can be a DIY project, but I will warn you that it is
not the easiest home remodeling job. Hiring an Odessa fence installation company is
the safer route, but unlike you expect, it is affordable.

You must consider your individual needs before purchasing and choosing a fence.
Higher fences will not only take longer to install, but are more expensive. The
materials are heavier and more difficult to work with.

Chain link fences are the cheapest to purchase and easiest to install. Produced from
aluminum wrapped with PVC or composed galvanized steel, and these fences is not
only incredibly easy and quick to install, but last a very long time. While a wooden
fence offers more privacy and security, the costs of labor and materials will be more.

According to our fence installation cost estimator, the average price to install a fence
in Odessa depends on the size of the fence. It actually depends on your preferred
type because most homeowners choose a six-foot privacy fence.

What Goes In the Price of Fence Installation?

With no doubt, material is the biggest cost that comes with fence installation in
Odessa Texas. Whether your choice is bamboo, brick, vinyl or any other type of
fencing, this will require enough portion of budget as well as a best fence company in

Next, if you hire a fence installation company in Odessa, TX. Your work is assured and
the cost will be worth it. It takes time to install a fence installation odessa has a right
to charge you a fair price.

There are other aspects that can fluctuate the price of your fence installation, which
are mentioned below:
• Permits
• Marking utility lines
• Preparation
• Approval from HOA
• Concrete delivery (if needed)

Fencing Types

As you have seen above, material is the the dominant factor in fence costs. In order
to narrow your search, you need to know all the fence types. That is why I presented
an abridged version of each at 9 Types of Fences, but below.
• Aluminum
• Wood
• Wrought Iron
• Vinyl
• Chain Link
• Electric
• Bamboo
• Farm

Privacy Fencing

Fences can be installed for security or aesthetics, but many homeowners install a
new fence for privacy. While privacy fencing may not secure your yard or home as
much as other fences, they do have a clear set of advantages potential fence
installers should know:

• Clearly shows children a safe place to play
• Acts as a deterrent for burglars
• Separates one space from a neighboring property
• Keeps pets secure and contained in the yard or garden

Nonetheless, there are a few disadvantages that come with privacy fencing:

• Generally, more expensive
• More materials
• More maintenance
• Not as pretty

For more info, including material costs and average prices for DIY or fence contractors, please call us at 432-289-5994

How to Save Money on Fence Installation

The easiest way to save cash on fence installation is by installing the fence yourself
or by hiring an affordable fence installation Odessa. As I said earlier, it’s not one of
the easier DIY projects, but one the average to experienced Odessa fence contractor
can complete. Beware if you try to do it yourself that without a step-by-step guide,
major damage can occur. For example, if you accidently hit a utility line as you dig
your post holes, you will have some angry neighbors knocking on your door.

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A fence is an excellent addition to any home in Odessa Texas. It is made in order to
keep small children and pets safely in the yard, as well as intruders and pests out. It
can also help to protect your privacy by keeping the eyes of your nosy neighbors at
You have to know that fence costs vary by type, size and function. However, now
that you have the ultimate fence installation cost guide, inclusive of the best fence
installation company in Odessa, TX.

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